About Cultural Futures:

Cultural Futures is a FREE funding, policy, and advocacy workshop for cultural businesses and supporters!

This Spring, you are invited to join your local partners for Cultural Futures! Cultural Futures is Inspire Washington’s annual post legislative tour where we visit communities across the state to let them know what happened during the 2024 legislative session so that you can be prepared for new funding and policy opportunities. At Cultural Futures, we aim to provide you with news you can use. From funding sources to advocacy opportunities, Inspire Washington staff will share all the information you need to know right now.

The 2025 Legislative Session is going to be a big one with many transformative requests for science, heritage, and arts programs. But without a big team of advocates, these objectives will not be obtainable. Inspire WA has added 8 new stops on the tour this year with the goal of engaging new advocates and inspiring new people to participate in the legislative process.

These meetings are free and open to the public. We've organized them by region, so you'll be able to connect with other cultural leaders in your area. However, regardless of where you live, pick the meeting that works best within your busy schedule.

On the agenda:

  • New Funding & Policies - We will break down the wins and successes of the Legislative session.
  • Coalition Building - The 2025 session is going to be huge for our sector and we will need to double our coalition of advocates to secure our big requests for science, heritage, and arts programs.
  • Grant opportunities - USDA, community projects, and much more!
  • ListeningWhat do you need and what should we ask for? And, how do you get involved? It will take a broad coalition to secure future funding.
  • About our coalition - Do you want to be more involved in policy development and advocacy or learn about membership? We'll plug you into future activities so that your community is represented.


2024 Tour Schedule 

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Cultural Futures Resources 

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