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Partners are dues paying members of Inspire Washington. Becoming our partner means investing in the power of culture – and the power of your own voice – to build community and enrich lives.

Our members are at the heart of a powerful coalition, made of up thousands of people and organizations that advocate for Washington’s cultural community. Inspire Washington represents people and organizations from Spokane to Seattle, from Kennewick to Kitsap, from Wenatchee to Whatcom.

Inspire Washington works to increase access to science, heritage, and art activities through advocacy, resource development, education, and coalition building. In concert with our cultural coalition, we champion the importance of cultural activities and experiences that inspire curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, while building connections within and across Washington communities.


Why join as our partner?

Washington ranks 45th in the nation for public per capita cultural funding, while our cultural sector drives at least 8.4% of the state GDP – the highest in the nation. This status quo will only change through dedicated advocacy work with government and the public, and that’s where Inspire Washington comes in.

With your membership investment in our advocacy work, we can create a future where the value of culture to our state is recognized and supported through increased public resources. In 2020, Inspire Washington successfully advocated for more than $5.7 trillion dollars in federal funding to benefit Washington’s cultural sector, orchestrating unanimous support from Washington’s congressional delegation for federal pandemic relief efforts.

In addition to our advocacy efforts, we offer our members access to professional resources, training and convening opportunities, including forums to connect with cross-sector peers, allies in government and local business communities, and citizens who care about the impact of culture in their community.


Who are Inspire Washington partners?

Our dues paying members come from every corner of Washington, delivering science, heritage and arts experiences and activities in urban, suburban and rural communities. This diversity links directly to our work to champion the variety and richness of Washington’s cultural sector, and why we advocate for public resourcing and policies that don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our work depends on partnering with a diverse group of organizational and individual partners to ensure our work is powerful, sustainable, representative, and equitable. That’s why our members span everyone from nonprofit organizations to individual cultural workers to allied businesses and associations that see the value of culture to impact lives and communities.


Annual Dues


  • Ages 25 – 65: $75
  • Age Under 25: $35
  • Age Over 65 and Educators: $50

Dues are not Tax Deductible but Donations Are (Donate to programs that provide professional development, like our Statewide Conference, here).


Dues are based on annual budget size:

  • < $300K: $100
  • $300K-$1 million: $250
  • > $1 million: .1% x expenses


*Find a list of current and past members at the bottom of this page.


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Organizational Members




Individual Members

  • Andy Jensen
  • Annrené Joseph
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Christopher Shainin
  • David Fischer
  • Dwight Gee
  • Ellen Walker
  • Erik Lidzbarski
  • Gillian Jones
  • Jeanne Burbidge
  • Jerald Dougherty
  • John Purdie
  • Josh LaBelle
  • Karen Mobley
  • Karen Nestvold
  • Kelly Hart
  • Kimi Kinoshita
  • Lorie Hoffman
  • Manny Cawaling
  • Marlette Buchanan
  • Maureen Frisch
  • Megan Torgerson
  • Michael Herschensohn
  • Rachel Ciprotti
  • Richard Beckerman
  • Robert Tombari
  • Sara Nelson
  • Shannon Halberstadt
  • Steve Sneed