Cultural Access Washington and the Washington State Arts Alliance have joined forces. With an energized vision and new name, Inspire Washington aims to build a broad and powerful statewide coalition to champion advocacy and resource development for Washington's cultural sector. Our powerful union of science, heritage, and the arts, creates extensive reach, profound impact and innovative opportunities.


Our Mission:

Inspire Washington nurtures the human spirit and strengthens communities by increasing access to science, heritage, and arts programming through advocacy, resource development, education, and coalition building.

Our Vision:

We envision vibrant communities where:

  • Our unique and shared histories bring people together, lift them up and empower them to succeed;
  • Everyone in our society has the ability to benefit from and be inspired by the cultural experiences available in our state;
  • Our arts, science, and heritage organizations, from the smallest grassroots enterprises to the largest institutions, have sustainable resources to create wide and deep human impact through their work.


Inspire Washington
Board of Trustees

  • Josh LaBelle
    Seattle Theatre Group
  • Ellen Walker
    Pacific Northwest Ballet
    Vice President
  • Melissa Huggins
    Spokane Arts
  • Christopher Shainin
  • Benjamin Moore
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • Richard Beckerman
    Museum consultant
  • Janell Johnson
  • Putter Bert
    Kids Quest Museum
  • Alejandro Grajal
    Woodland Park Zoo
  • Dwight Gee
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • Will Daugherty
    Pacific Science Center
  • Bob Davidson
    Seattle Aquarium
  • Andy Jensen
    WA State PTSA/Seattle Council of PTSAs
  • Karen Mobley
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • Dominica Myers
    King County Library
  • Steve Sneed
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • Bernie Griffin
    5th Avenue Theatre
  • Karina Ajit Bharne
    Symphony Tacoma
  • Danielle Gahl
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • MaryGrace Goddu
    City of Olympia
  • Lorie Hoffman
    Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council
  • Latha Sambamurti
    Ananda Mela
  • Preeti Shridhar
    City of Renton
  • Krishna Thiagarajan
    Seattle Symphony
  • Adriana Wright
    Seattle Theatre Group
  • Marlette Buchanan
    Seattle Music Partners
  • Shannon Halberstadt
    WA State Cultural Leader
  • Kelly Hart
    Allied Arts of Whatcom County
  • Michael Herschensohn
    Queen Anne Historical Society
  • Karen Hanan
  • Michael Greer
  • Jamie Herlich McIalwain
    Seattle Repertory Theatre
  • Jane Repensek
    Seattle Opera
  • Sarah Michael
    Seattle Art Museum
  • Gillian Jones
    Edmonds Center for the Arts


    Manny pic

  • Manny R. Cawaling
    Executive Director
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  • Jessi Wasson
    Programs and Operations Manager
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  • Madeline pic
  • Madeline Dalton
    Outreach Coordinator
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